Multimedia Help

To listen to audio on this website, you have several choices of formats to choose from:


WAV files are probably the most common type of audio file. WAV files are playable on any PC with Windows. Simply hold down the SHIFT key while clicking on the icon. After it downloads, Windows users and double-click on the file and it should play. If you're using a Macintosh, you can play WAV files with a program called SoundApp. You can download that here.


RealAudio is a popular way to play audio files on the Internet. The file size is very small compared to WAVs, but the sound quality is not as great. Users of all platforms can play RealAudio files with the RealPlayer, available from Progressive Networks.


MPEG-3 audio is a relatively new format. It provides CD-quality sound at about the same filesize as a compressed WAV files, which is truly remarkable. To play MPEG-3 files, you will need a special MPEG-3 player. We suggest WinAmp for Windows, or MacAmp for Macintosh.

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